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A thriving coaching practice—without the hustle?

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you’re working a lot of hours and investing a good amount of blood, sweat, and tears into your coaching business without that much to show for it. You’re ready for it to be easier. For “it” to happen, already.

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How to Overcome I Cant Afford It

How to Overcome “I Can’t Afford It”

Ah…mastering the art of the sales conversation is something that I get to work on with my clients each and every week It’s my favorite ...
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77 Ways to Make More Money In Your Online Biz Today

77 Ways to Make More Money In Your Online Biz Today

Many of the bright and incredibly talented business owners that I work with have way too many ideas to handle at once and suffer from shiny object syndrome, or ...
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Why YOU Need a Signature System

Why YOU – yes you! – Need a Signature System

First off, what the heck is a signature system?  A signature system is your roadmap, your recipe, your guidebook for helping your clients to achieve the results ...
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What is Your Special Sauce

What is Your Special Sauce?

There are a million (or more) business coaches out there And I couldn't be more excited.   You've probably noticed that, too – there are ...
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I’m Krista Martin—let’s craft the roadmap for you to get past your fears and overwhelm so you can get into action, attract your ideal clients, and make money. More importantly, though, you’ll create the space to do what you love and make your mark on the world.


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