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Before you proceed, you gotta know...

Who is Krista Martin?

krista martin, mba, cpcc, pcc, is a sought after speaker, business strategist, and coach. She helps her clients create a clear plan to attract more clients, make more money, and create a much bigger impact through their business.

Most coach training programs teach how to be great at coaching but they don’t teach the necessary mindsets, skill sets, and strategies that are required for business success. That’s where Krista comes in. She leverages her coach training along with her corporate and sales experience to help her clients create real results, quickly.

Her Six Figure Impact® is supporting homeless animals, with an ultimate goal of closing down animal shelters because of no longer having a need for them. Through population control, education, and other ongoing efforts, her company’s mission is for all animals and their humans to live together in happy, healthy homes.

Krista’s philosophy is simple:

Your growth doesn’t have to be slow, hard or incremental...unless you say it does.(So, don’t say it does.)

Why choose Krista to speak at your next event?

with her sense of humor and real-life experience, she helps the audience see a bigger vision for themselves, their business, and the impact they’re here to create. She evokes a sense of responsibility to step up—and into action—as each person understands what it means for them to (finally) live up to their potential.

Building a coaching business that creates a positive impact on loved ones, clients, and the world isn’t optional. It’s required. And, with Krista’s guidance and her keep-it-simple-approach, the audience will move faster—and further—than you ever thought possible.

Some of Krista’s most requested topics include:

The Six Figure Coach: Your Fast Path to More Clients Profit Impact

it’s zero fun to know how to coach but not have enough clients to work with. (Plus, it makes your business feel more like a hobby.) And, as you know, a successful coaching business isn’t built by hope, luck, or chance.

So, ready for the great news? There is a recipe that you can follow to breakthrough to your next level of awesome. Would it be ok if I share that with you?

It's Official: Sales is Your Newest Super Power

what is your initial reaction to the word sales? If you aren’t jumping for joy and doing back flips, then this is for you.

Join us as we dig into sales and what it’s really about. Prepare to gain new mindsets and a renewed confidence about your ability to authentically handle every sales conversation that comes your way.

A word of warning: you may actually say that you enjoy sales as a result of this fun and interactive’ll discover:

How to Double Your Rates with High Ticket Programs that Sell

you need three things to grow your business: you need to know who your ideal clients are, where they hang out and you must have an irresistible program (offer). Too often, coaches fail to work with their ideal clients because they haven’t packaged their services in a compelling way.

youll discover:

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