A thriving coaching practice – without the hustle?

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you’re working a lot of hours and investing a good amount of blood, sweat, and tears into your coaching business without that much to show for it

Your’re ready for it to be easier. For “it” to happen, already.

Ready for some really good news? You don’t need more time. You don’t have a time management problem.

Phew, that was a close one.

Now, ready for the not-so-great-but-fixable-news?

If you’re working really hard and not seeing consistent results, then you may have a marketing problem. As in…. you may not be doing the activities that consistently bring in qualified, ideal clients like clock work.

(This is a good thing, I can help with this, so stay with me here…)

You may not be doing the revenue generating activities first, foremost, and always.

If you sense there’s any easier way to grow your business – without the struggle – you’re right.

First, we need to be clear by putting this out there, in the wide world of the internet:

  • It’s not about a funnel.
  • It’s not about social media.
  • And it’s not about ads or fancy technology.

It never is.

It’s about you allowing yourself to hide behind the non-essential activities or some of the slowest revenue generating activities on the planet.

(I shared that hard truth because I want to help you avoid the mistakes that 90% of coaches are making, which is keeping them stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, and in debt.)

So, let's stop the insanity, OK?

(And, another disclaimer: this isn’t your fault. No one is teaching this. The online marketers are too busy teaching about why you need a branding makeover or funnels or ads or other shiny unicorn things FIRST.)

I’m here, taking a stand for you, the coach that wants to coach.

I’m here, taking a stand for you, the coach who didn’t go through coach training or start their coaching business to become an online marketer.

What I’m inviting you to consider is that not all revenue generating activities are created equal.

Not all revenue generating activities require complicated tech, slow sales cycles, launches or other shenanigans.

The revenue generating activities that we focus on now, as a half million dollar company, are the same ones I focused on when I was starting out.

You see, I don’t like complicated. I like simple.
I’m super impatient and I like fast ROI. #resultsyesterdayplease

The chief revenue generating activity that I’m referring to, that is always at the heart of any breakthrough to the next level, is speaking.

Speaking on local stages,
global stages,
hosting my own talks and workshops,
and since 2017, hosting 2 or 3 day live events.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time or stress in your speaking strategy if you don’t want to. Of course, I can show you that way (because I’ve made the mistakes), but I prefer the other path.

So, let’s start where you are and get your breakthrough to your next level of awesome through speaking, OK?

For now, your mind may be giving you all the stories, the “reasons”, this won’t work for you, and I’m inviting you to put those thoughts aside and play with these questions….

What if it’s possible that speaking is my path to more income, clients, and freedom? What if it’s possible, regardless of what I’ve tried so far, that there’s an easier way to fill my coaching programs?

Hmmmm….. what if it is possible?

I created a video earlier this week on this topic (and went waaayyyy deeper) in the Live Your Potential: Strategy and Mindset for High Achieving Coaches FB Group. Click to watch the video or join us in the group if you haven’t already.

Waiting is for the birds. It’s your turn to soar.

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