Why YOU Need a Signature System

First off, what the heck is a signature system? 

A signature system is your roadmap, your recipe, your guidebook for helping your clients to achieve the results that they want. Clear enough, right?

Whether you realize it or not, as a service based entrepreneur, you likely follow a similar process with each of your clients. You may not have realized it yet, but you do. Your signature system is a combination of knowledge, expertise, strategies and techniques that is unique to you and your business. It is the roadmap that you follow to help your clients achieve the desired results in the shortest amount of time possible.   

And it’s time that you recognize your unique brilliance and outline your signature system because doing so will reap amazing benefits. 

It will. I promise.

What type of benefits do you achieve from having your own signature system?

Well, I am soooo glad that you asked. 

You will be seen as an expert. 

A system for achieving the desired results over and over and over again with your clients gives you instant credibility. And credibility is King.

Having a plan is good.

Admit it! We all love plans and when we decide to work with someone, we want to know that the person supporting us has a plan for getting us from point A to point B. The buyer has an immediate sense of confidence in the service or product when a plan is involved. (Confidence = good.)

You stand out from your competition.

As we touched on previously, it is vitally important that you let everyone know how and when and why you are different. Creating your signature system does just that. You aren’t just a “health coach” or a “business coach” when you have Signature System that uses your knowledge, your processes and your strategies and helps clients achieve a pre-defined result. 

Your life becomes immensely easier.

If you feel like you are “winging it” with each client, then you are in need of a Signature System.

Having a specific system that you knows works gives you the framework from which to operate to support your clients. You don’t have to come up with a unique strategy to each person.  Nope, you have a system that can be tweaked, if needed, but the framework is there. You know exactly where to start with each client and where to go next. 

You can make more money. 


When you have a Signature System, you can very easily create multiple streams of income. (Do I have your attention now?)

Each step in your Signature System (there should be between 3-10 steps) can be broken down into smaller steps. You can create trainings based on each step or offer a group course that touches, briefly, on each step. All of the sudden repurposing your content seems easier, doesn’t it? When you are always working towards the same goal and within the same framework, you gain clarity on what to create and how you can reuse what you put together in another format. Think e-books, audio programs, special reports, workbooks, teleclasses, group programs, individual support… even the folks who aren’t ready or able to buy the full package can become customers.

Another fun benefit:  your editorial calendar (and blog posts) can be created based on your Signature System.  If you have a 7 step Signature System and each “step” has 5 sub-topics, all of the sudden you have 35 blog post ideas.  Pretty awesome!

You get great testimonials.

When your customers are happy and you consistently deliver amazing results, you’ll receive powerful testimonials. Having a Signature System allows you to create amazing results for your clients time after time. Happy clients = happy life, right? 

The next step for you: write down everything that you do with your clients. Put it all down on paper in any order. See what “processes” or “systems” emerge as you look at the work you do with your favorite clients. What patterns do you see? 

Please share:  Do you have a Signature System? Why or why not? If you do, what benefits have you noticed in your biz from putting together your signature system?    

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