Get Your Coaching Business Plan and Make a Six Figure Impact® that Matters

Your legacy called! It said “It’s time to stop playing around with strategies that don’t work.”

my clients love it when I say Spaghetti is not a strategy. You know the drill. You’re scrolling on Facebook. You see an ad or a post talking about some shiny new object. Three hours later, you’re down the rabbit hole with your credit card in hand ready to drop a couple grand on Jane Doe’s Bajillionaire’s Course.

Put the credit card away, Quick-Start.
Here’s an idea that will change your life forever.

Getting clients is no mystery. It’s already been figured out. Let’s stop reinventing the wheel & simply use strategies that work.

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Are You A Coach Who’sReady to Play Big

Then you need clients (and cash!) like clockwork.

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THESE THREE COACHING BLIND-SPOTS are causingAll of Your Struggles

There are hundreds of things coaches do to sabotage their Six Figure Impact®, but I can simplify them down to three main ones:

01 / Being Inconsistent

especially with finding potential clients

root cause: deep down, you’re hiding because a) you don’t feel confident in your coaching abilities b) you’re afraid you’ll get it wrong or c) you haven’t fully committed to your Six Figure Impact®.

02 / Reinventing Every Wheel

in the coaching-business

root cause: You keep thinking, “I’m smart and credentialed, so why can’t I figure this out on my own?” This DIY-mentality doesn’t allow you to give yourself permission to invest in a mentor who can teach you the ropes and show you the path.

03 / Wasting Your Precious Time

then working too many hours

root cause: All this busy work is making you feel like you’re doing something when really, you’re not sure how to find clients (and you wouldn’t even know what to say if you found one anyway!)

If you see yourself in this...

please know that it’s all extremely common and you’re in good hands.

I even experienced all of these issues myself! But I realized we actually have a choice.

We can choose the easy path or we can choose the hard one. Let’s drop the struggle, break through that six figure ceiling, and get you on your path to a Six Figure Impact®.

Six Figures, Fast! Case Studies

My Superpower is Making it Extremely Simple for Coaches to Get Clients, Breakthrough to Six and Multi-Six Figures

...and Make a Six Figure Impact® that Matters

before you hit six figures, 75% of your time should be spent finding & connecting with potential clients. This requires a lot of focus and doing the right things in the right order.

First, I help you strip away all of the unnecessary clutter. We return to a blank piece of paper. Then, we design a simple, customized plan to find & connect with clients, doing activities you love (and nothing you hate!)

Then I teach you how to do sales the coaching way, so you can enroll your ideal clients into transformational, high-ticket coaching packages in one-on-one or one-to-many formats. If you need your packages designed, we’ll do that too.

Last, I show you how to put all the little pieces of a well-tuned coaching business on repeat, so you wake up every morning excited to work the system, make money, and create a huge impact in the world and in the lives of your ideal clients.

What Other Six Figure Impact® Coaches Are Saying

What Other Six Figure Impact® Coaches Are Saying

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Six Figures, Fast! Case Studies

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