77 Ways to Make More Money In Your Online Biz Today

Many of the bright and incredibly talented business owners that I work with have way too many ideas to handle at once and suffer from shiny object syndrome, or SOS. One idea comes in, they start working on it, and then BAM! Another idea comes in and they start working on that. They are constantly busy and never feel like they get any real work done.

They don’t see results.

And they get frustrated.  Overwhelmed, even.

Sometimes they even think about throwing in the towel. 

So, if you recognize yourself as one of those shiny-object-chasers, then please beware of the post today.  This post is to support you on those days when you feel like you don’t have any good ideas or need some inspiration.  This is a handy “go-to” list for you to use when you feel like there is nothing else out there to try.

And, because I think you are so amazing, I created a pretty little one page PDF so you can print it, hang it on your wall, or save it to your desktop.  Click here to have it immediately sent to your inbox.  It’ll be there so fast, I bet it may even show up before you finish reading through all 77 of the ideas below.

1.  Revise your home page copy.
2.  Revise your about page copy.
3.  Come from a “Full Practice” mentality.
4.  Write an important email to a client or prospect.
5.  Stop procrastinating and send an invoice.
6.  Write a blog post.
7.  Submit an article to a trade journal, industry publication, or website your customers visit.
8.  Respond to a media request.
9.  Write a book.
10. Define your ideal client very specifically.
11. Practice closing the sale.
12. Pitch your content to three online businesses that serve your clients.
13. Use client case studies in conversations.
14. Celebrate your successes.
15. Send out your email newsletter.
16. Circle back with a prospect who is on the fence.
17. Clean up your LinkedIn profile.
18. Post a long-overdue recommendation on LinkedIn.
19. Send a hand-written thank-you note.
20. Be known for one thing.
21. Write out your Unique Selling Proposition.
22. Craft and memorize your elevator speech.
23. Give clients birthday gifts.
24. Collect names religiously.
25. Create a rate sheet.
26. Meditate.
27. Create ways you can add extra value.
28. Mail a book to a prospect, decision-maker, or influencer.
29. Pick up the phone and apologize to someone important.
30. Ask for that referral you’ve been shy about pursuing.

Tired yet?  Grab your free PDF here.  

31. Set up incentives for referrals
32. Throw a (re)launch party.
33. Put together a list of speech topics.
34. Contact that virtual assistant you’ve been thinking of hiring.
35. Post your internship job description with your local university.
36. Get a professional logo.
37. Make a list of 20 companies or individuals you’d like to do business with.
38. Clear off your desk.
39. Create a one sheet flyer or brochure.
40. Refresh your offerings.
41. Raise your rates.
42. Collect testimonials.
43. Ask personal advocates for referrals.
44. Create an idea book so that you don’t have to keep everything in your mind.
45. Hire a great marketing and business coach.
46. Shoot a 2-minute video and post it to YouTube.
47. Make your clients feel special.
48. Set up policies and procedures.
49. Erase the whiteboard in your office and create a “fresh start.”
50. Create systems.
51. Make a list of organizations or groups that need speakers.
52. Schedule a distraction-free 2-hour strategic meeting with yourself.
53. Join community boards and get involved.
54. Teach a teleclass.
55. Ask for help or support.
56. Repackage your offerings to reach a new price point.
57. Connect others in a way that serves them and their businesses.
58. Ask for feedback and suggestions from top clients.
59. Communicate what is a good lead for you.
60. Communicate what is a bad lead for you.
61. Write down all of your credibility factors.
62. Write down your sales conversation script.
63. Take a nature walk and bring your pocket audio recorder or smart phone to capture ideas.
64. Reconnect with an old client, friend, or colleague.
65. Write an amazon book review for a book you admire in your field.
66. Call your tech wizard to fix a tech problem you’ve been tolerating for too long.
67. Leave a voicemail for a client just to say how much you value your relationship with them.
68. Buy a business or industry magazine to flip through for new business ideas.
69. Create a new product.
70. Craft a sales page.
71. Follow up.
72. Schedule your networking meetings for the rest of the quarter.
73. Become an expert.
74. Offer a sale.
75. Work with a group to offer a new product.
76. Ask your referral partners what you can do for them.
77.Create a new opt-in.

Take Action Now! Please share your additional marketing ideas AND what you do when you notice yourself falling into the trap of SOS.

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