What is Your Special Sauce

There are a million (or more) business coaches out there

And I couldn't be more excited.  

You've probably noticed that, too – there are at least one million (sometimes it feels like WAY more) – other people out there that do what you do. 

I conducted a complimentary consult today for a potential client and she mentioned that she's talking to several different coaches to find the best fit for her.  Instead of feeling upset or competitive or put off, I appreciated her honesty and congratulated her.  

 I did…uh…what?

Yes, I congratulated her on taking her time finding the person that is the best fit for her and her business.  You see, Health Coach A isn't the same as Health Coach B.  Virtual Assistant C isn't the same as Virtual Assistant D.  

Nope, no way, no how.  

What makes each service provider different and ultimately decides if he or she is successful or not is the ability to connect with – and clearly communicate – what makes him or her unique.  

What does Coach A offer that Coach B doesn't?  Well, a lot, actually.  And it's up to Coach A and Coach B to share what makes him or her unique with their followers because these differences are the deal breakers on whether or not someone chooses to work Coach A or Coach B.  

So….what is your special sauce?

There isn't a right or wrong answer on this so please take a few minutes to reflect on your life experiences as you go through these questions.  The answer may come up for you right away or it may not come up at all.  Both ways are perfect.  

Below are some questions that I want you to consider as you start to figure out what your special sauce looks like.  

  • Is there a story or a life event that defined you as a person?
  • Are there a series of stories that weave a common thread throughout your life?
  • What are your beliefs about life?  What are your core values?
  • What about your training?  Is it in a specific area or really general?
  • What does your life + your business matter?
  • What do your friends always ask you to help them with because you are just so good at doing it and it feels effortless on your end?

While your brain is churning around and processing some of these questions, please know that you'll probably switch gears and change your special sauce throughout your business life.  That is absolutely perfect.  Even if you only come up with a few of the ingredients that you want to put into your special sauce at this time, today, that’s awesome, too.

I'm going to give you a hint:  your special sauce is probably really obvious and it's probably really easy to overlook.  

As a Business Strategist + Coach, I realize that there are many choices out there.  I love it because there is a perfect match for each and every client.  And there is a perfect match (ideal client) for each business coach out there.  

It  is a win-win. 

It's sort of like dating.  There are lots of options but you choose the person that is the best fit for you at that time.  

I bet you got to know the person and then decided to date him or her, didn't you?

It’s the exact same thing in building your business.

Business coaches, health coaches, and professional service providers come in a myriad of different flavors.  Some business coaches market themselves based on using Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn really well to generate leads, others focus on uncovering hidden beliefs about money, others focus on the technology side of growing a business, others focus on systems development or client attraction marketing or something entirely different.  The special sauce is just that:  the Facebook marketing focus, the technology focus, the client attraction marketing focus. This is part of what client attraction marketing is about.  People are drawn to you based on what you are about and what your business stands for.

So at the end of the day, all of these business coaches accomplish essentially the same thing: they help their clients get from point A to point B using their special sauce (Facebook marketing, technology focus, systems set up).

See what I mean?

My personal journey has taken me in at least 10,000 circles.  Seriously.  I want you to learn from my challenges and that’s why I’m sharing this process with you.  I tried so hard to make it a difficult process and I really resisted what was staring me in the face. 

Until recently.  

I looked at the bookcase in my office and saw a common thread.  It was so obvious that I couldn't help but smile.  

Can you guess what my special sauce is?  

sales books

Yep, you are right.  You are one smart cookie!

I support business owners, like you, to create a streamlined and amazingly lucrative business through a system that is focused on sales.  (Just try to make more money and work with more clients without the sales piece and let me know how far you get, OK?)  I'm going to demystify the process and make it easy to digest, manageable, and most importantly, authentic and fun.  No salesy-ickyness.  

Take Action Now:  Please share your special sauce (or a few of your special ingredients that will be combined to create your special sauce) and practice verbalizing what makes you different.  What makes you stand out.  And what is going to make your customers not only be attracted to working with you but also WANT to work with you.  

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