Why Making 6 Figures Matters

I’m glad you’re here. And, now that you’re here, I’m going to guess that you fall into one of two camps:

Camp 1:  You’re already triggered by the fact that I said “six figures” and can’t wait to read this article and see how, and why, I’m wrong.

Camp 2:  You’re ready to step into more income in your business but there’s this nagging voice inside of you that says if you set that as your income goal, then you turn into one of those selfish, greedy, deplorable people that no one likes.

I mentioned this previously and I want to say it again – I’m glad you’re here, regardless of which camp you fall into.

I’m excited to share with you why I want you to make six figures (and beyond) with your coaching business.  

And, if I dare say it, you’re letting a bunch of people down by not stepping up your game and creating a more robust business.

When you create the income in your business that allows you to cover your business expenses (you do know there are costs, right? Your internet, cell phone, website maintenance, accountant, office supplies, networking groups, etc.) and have room to breathe, things shift.  You release fear and experience a sense of freedom.

Freedom of time.

Freedom to make choices that align with who you are.


I’m excited to share, too, that making money and being of service are not mutually exclusive. To help you see that, I put together a list of six reasons why I want you to create a six figure coaching business.

First, it’s not about the money.

Yep, I’ll say it again: It’s not about the money.

It’s about the impact that you can create now that you have the money. It’s about what the money gives you. It’s about the opportunities that the income creates for you, your business, your family, and the world.

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More money doesn't make you greedy. It makes you more of who you already are.

Part of my impact includes modeling for my kids that you can be successful doing work that you love.

That it is possible to have a thriving business and get the kids at the bus stop each day.

That it's possible to be scared…and do it anyways.

You create your own economy.

How cool is that?

You get to hire people that you like and that are also doing good things in the world. You get to release some of your non-genius activities and they get to do their genius work and pay their bills.  You’re able to invest in others and support their business journey (this is big).

You inspire the heck out of others.

Everyone’s watching, even people that you don’t know.

Before you shut your blinds and lock your front door, look at how cool this is: people are watching you get out of your comfort zone (over and over again), be of service to others, make mistakes and get back up, learn, grow, follow your passion, and have an amazing life.

You’re inspiring others to go for their dreams and to stop settling for the status quo. (Since when did barely-getting-by become OK?)

You challenge your clients to step up.

There’s no playing small for your clients anymore. Nope, sorry, none of that is permitted here.

When you drop the charging by the hour or offering month to month coaching nonsense and instead challenge your clients to step into investing in themselves and their results – everything shifts. (And your clients get massive better results, and more quickly, too.)

You become a stronger leader.

It’s impossible to build a thriving coaching business without doing the internal work and stepping (every day) into more and more leadership. When you take full responsibility for your results and your life, everything shifts.

And yes, those voices you hear in your head? They show up at every level, just wearing a new disguise. Running your own business is a personal development program on steroids. (Isn’t that a big part of why you’re on this adventure?)  

As you learn and face your fears, you are doing more life. Living more fully.

You expand more into who you really are.

I saved the best for last. (This one is my favorite).  

More money doesn't make you greedy. It makes you more of who you already are.

This piece is about allowing yourself to face the stories you’ve told yourself about why money is bad and how it makes you greedy and to realize you’ve been wrong all along.

Money doesn’t make you greedy. It simply allows you to expand into more of who you already are and to more fully honor your values.

Of these, which one do you most resist?

And what's one step you'll take to walk towards that resistance (that's where the magic happens)?Please share in the comments below.

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