Why I’m Grateful for Fear

The last few weeks have been an amazing journey

Loads of ups, downs, and sideways..and tons of growth.

As I told my coach prior to Six Figure Impact® LIVE! (my first in-person event that was open to clients and non-clients), “I need a break from personal developing.”

Regardless of whether or not you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in the US, I’m inviting you to look for unusual things that you can be grateful for.

Maybe you’re grateful for the feeling in the pit of your stomach because it signals that you’re onto something big.

Maybe you’re grateful that you made a decision and stood in your power, even though it didn’t feel great at the time.

Maybe you’re grateful that you told a client that you aren’t the right fit for him or her.

Maybe you’re grateful for a disagreement that you had with your sister because it now gives you a chance to connect on a deeper level and to practice forgiveness.

The secret to gratitude is to practice looking for things to be grateful for every single day. Especially on the days that suck.

What happens when you pause long enough to look around to find something you can be grateful for?

Just that: you pause.

You realign.

You’re present to your life. In those moments when you focus on where you are now, you get to stop beating yourself up for what happened yesterday or worrying about what may happen tomorrow.

You get to just BE.

Look at what’s is in front of you right now. Think of five things you can be grateful for as it relates to what’s in front of you.

Maybe you’re grateful for the color of the laptop because it matches your desk.

Maybe you choose to be grateful for the smooth texture of the keys.

Maybe you’re grateful that the darn thing turned on this morning without any hiccups.

When you do this seemingly-too-simple exercise, you’ll notice your energy shift.

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The secret to gratitude is to practice looking for things to be grateful for every single day. Especially on the days that suck.

One of the exercises at Six Figure Impact® LIVE! was to get into small groups and use flip charts to come up with a list of what keeps us stuck in business. (You can see the image below).

I love many things about this flip chart (not to mention the very neat handwriting).

Looking at this sheet, the group found many things to be thankful for:

They were thankful because they realized that their fears weren’t theirs alone.

They were thankful that none of the items on their list guaranteed failure.

They appreciated this new level of awareness and their ability to shift each of these.

They were thankful for the fear because they saw it as a clue that they’re growing as long as they don’t let it stop them in their tracks.

I’m sharing this with you because I want to give you the gift of shifting your awareness to gratitude and how you can easily shape the outcome of every day, every situation, by simply choosing where you allow your focus to rest.

There’s always a silver lining and the ones who live the most fulfilling lives (and have the most successful businesses) are always looking for it.

As you go on your gratefulness-seeking-journey, I want you to know that I’m grateful for you.

Please share: What are you choosing to celebrate and be grateful for today that you may have dismissed before?

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