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Mullets are amazing

My favorite definition of a mullet is “business in the front and party in the back”. 

I can’t say that I’ve had one myself, but I’ve seen quite a few. 

Regardless of the hairstyle that you have right now, I want you to know – without a doubt – that mullets are bad, bad, bad news for business. 

The mullet, by definition, has two personalities.  I mean, are you a partier?  Or are you a professional business person dressed up in your suit?

The mullet approach is one of the most common mistakes that I see when I work with clients as they build their business.   And, it has a way of repelling your dream clients.  

Here’s what I mean:

Imagine a funny, outgoing health coach that is really excited about helping her clients to achieve the weight loss and healthy life style goals that they are struggling to accomplish on their own. 

She is phenomenal with her clients and they absolutely LOVE working with her.  They get amazing results, and usually very quickly.

The challenge that she faces is not having enough of her ideal clients walk through the proverbial front door of her business.  The attraction process isn’t working so well for her. 

And she’s frustrated. 

On the surface, it looks like there just aren’t enough people out there looking for what she has to offer. 

At a deeper level, though, it’s clear that something else is going on here. 

Her business has the worst mullet that you’ve ever seen.

While she is amazing to work with one on one, she doesn’t appear that way in the online world.  Her copy is written as if a stuffy corporate man put it together (the “business” side of the mullet is in full force here).

Everything is perfectly articulated and there is a clear beginning, end, and a conclusion.  Even the grammar is perfect. 

The same thing happens when she speaks at live events.  Her slides and presentations are created with the “business” part of the mullet and are completely neglecting the “party” side of her.   The funny, caring and getting-shit-done side of her isn’t showing up at all.

The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough clients that want to work with her…the problem is that the single most important element of her business – HER – isn’t showing up authentically. 

It’s easy to think that we need to be “more” or a “this way” or “that way”.  What’s not as easy – and is way more powerful – is to shift your thinking about what and how and when you show up. 

Are you afraid that you aren’t enough, just as you are? 

Are you afraid that your clients need all of these doo-dads so that they get value from your services?

If you are, then there is an amazing opportunity ahead of you.  It’s a fun opportunity.  Want to know what it is? (I knew you would.)

You get to inject more YOU-ness into everything you do. 

You are enough, just as you are.  Right there, as you sit and read this, you are enough. You are talented, you are beautiful, and the world needs what you have to offer.  

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and repeat this out loud three times:  “I am enough.”“I am enough.” @mymcoaching


Now, shave off the mullet and let the world see the real, beautiful you.  THAT’s what is going to attract your ideal clients and that is what will lead you to creating a business that you love.

Please Share: When did you realize that your mullet was no longer serving your business?  How did you step into really owning your unique-ness and your worth? 

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