What to Do if You Feel Like a Copycat

Are you a copycat?


If you are selling any type of information product or service, there is a 99.9% likelihood that at one time or another you felt like a copy cat.  Maybe you felt like you were just repeating information or simply regurgitating content that you heard or learned elsewhere.

I have breaking news for you:  THERE IS NOTHING NEW TO BE DISCOVERED.  No matter what content you teach or share, it’s either been written about, discussed, or taught somewhere before.

I know.  It’s kind-of a bummer.

And a relief.

So, what’s a coach or consultant to do?

The WAY you teach, your energy and your frameworks are what differentiate you. 

You could probably learn very similar marketing strategies from any business coach.  You probably could. 

The style of how the materials are presented, the coach’s energy and the system (framework) that she uses to teach is what makes the difference.

When you put together your process, think about what you would do if an ideal client came up to you and said, “Guess what?  I am going to pay you $10 million if you can help me achieve XYZ as quickly as possible.”

After you picked yourself up off the floor, what is the first thing that you would teach this person? 

What would you do next? 

Then, where would you go from there?

Most likely, when you sit down and write out the fastest way to get your ideal client from where he or she is to the place that they want to be, you’ll have a very good first draft of your “system”.

It not only sounds cool to have a “system”, but it also makes your life so much easier.  Because, guess what?  You have a SYSTEM for leading your clients through a process that gets results.  No more flying by the seat of your pants.  You have a roadmap that makes how you support your clients more simple AND it makes the client feel more confident because you know what you are doing. 

And, guess what?  People don’t buy coaching or consulting.

They buy results

My Fast Track to Clients system is the framework that I use when I teach super awesome coaches and consultants how to build their businesses.  Click here to see what a system can look like (this is a quick start version of my system.  Each of the three steps (modules) has steps and options below it.)

The best cure for feeling like a copycat is to give yourself time to slow down.

Step 1:  Slow down and create a framework.  Create YOUR system that gets results for your clients.

Step 2:  Start using it.

Please share:  Do you use a system with your clients?

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