The Truth About Creating a Signature System

First off, what is a signature system?

A signature system is your roadmap that allows you to consistently – and predictably – help your clients achieve results.

As a coach or service-based business owner, you probably follow a similar process with each of your clients. You may not have realized it, but you do. Look back at how you’ve helped your previous clients and think about what you did first, second, and third.

You’ll notice patterns and similarities.

This is how you begin to map out your process.  Your signature system is a combination of knowledge, expertise, strategies and techniques that are unique to you and your business.

Your system provides the guard rails that allow you to help your clients gets results as quickly as possible.

Once you start down this path and outline your process, you’ll uncover the “why” behind having one (or several) Signature Systems.

First, you’ll be seen as an expert.

A system for achieving the desired results over and over again with your clients gives you instant credibility. Happy clients lead to more clients, income, and impact for you.

Having a plan is good.

Admit it! You love plans just as much as I do…especially when we are hiring someone to help us achieve results we’ve been unable to achieve on our own.

When you hired your first (or second or third) coach, didn’t you feel an immediate sense of relief when you knew that person had a plan to help you get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible?

It works the same way for your clients.

When your clients have confidence in you and your process, they’ll show up more, invest more energy and do the work.

You stand out from your competition.

I work with my clients to help them articulate how they are different than the next coach. Creating your signature system helps tremendously with that.

You aren’t “just a” health coach or a business coach when you have Signature System that uses your knowledge, your processes and your strategies, and helps clients achieve a pre-defined result.

Your life becomes immensely easier.

If you feel like you’re “winging it” with each client, you're in need of a Signature System.

Having a process that you know works gives you the framework to support your clients. You don’t have to come up with a brand new strategy for each person. Nope, you have a system that can be tweaked, but the guard rails are there to keep you on the right path.
You know where to start – and where to go next.

You can bring in more cash.

When you have a Signature System, you can very easily create multiple streams of income. (Do I have your attention now?)

For example, each step in your Signature System (there should be between 3-10 steps) can be broken down into smaller steps.

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When your clients have confidence in you and your process, they’ll show up more, invest more energy and do the work.

You can create trainings based on each step individually or a group course that touches on each step. Repurposing your content seems easier now, doesn’t it? When you’re always working towards the same goal and within the same framework, you gain clarity on what to create and how you can reuse what you put together in another format.

Think e-books, audio programs, special reports, workbooks, webinars, group programs, individual support… even the folks who aren’t ready to invest at the highest level of support with you can now can become customers.

You get great testimonials.

When your customers are happy and you consistently deliver amazing results, you’ll receive powerful testimonials. Having a Signature System allows you to create amazing results for your clients time after time. Happy clients = happy life, right?

What’s up next?  Write down everything you do with your clients. What did you do first with each client that you started with last month?  What did you work on next?  What about after that?

Dump all of the goodness out of brain and onto the paper in front of you. What “processes” or “systems” emerge as you look at the work you’ve done with your most recent clients?

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