When Is It Time to Hire Help

The fastest way to get more important stuff done: give it to an expert

I was told not to apply for grad school until I had a few years of work experience under my belt.

I was told not to get a dog until we had a big yard for her to play in.

I was told that we shouldn’t have kids until we had a certain amount of money in our savings account.

Can you relate to being told to wait to do what you are called to do right now?

All of this “wisdom” that is sprinkled on us comes from the belief that (1) there will a perfect time to do whatever it is you are excited about right now and (2) that there’s a “right” and a “wrong” time to do something and (3) you have to wait until some event, some person, or some milestone happens before you can move forward.

And this is what keeps you stuck.

One of my clients said it so perfectly yesterday: “Life is too short for eventually.”

Please put all of your stories about why you can’t do whatever is next on your list aside for a moment.  I have a few questions for you.

How has waiting served you?

When did you ignore the advice, jump in anyway, and succeed in a really awesome way?

When you wait to take your next step or to invest in yourself and your business, the Universe mirrors your response and waits until you take action to show that you are ready.

Let’s take a look at hiring someone.

Yes, you are CEO and you can hire someone.  You can even hire multiple someone’s.

To move out of start up mode, a team is a must.

Let me share a story with you.

When I first started my coaching business, I was working full time in my sales job.  I had one client that paid me $175/month.  And, since I was working full-time, I realized that I needed help to post my blogs, format newsletters, and handle other non-genius zone tasks.  So, I hired a VA.  For $175/month.

Yep.  I quickly learned the power and energy of money – and how it flows through you and your business.

While I wasn’t going to break any revenue records, I learned a really powerful lesson that I wasn’t aware of at the time: There’s such power in allowing someone else to do their genius work, as part of my team, so that I can do more of mine.

I spoke with a colleague last week who told me that he’s a “proud solo business owner” that does everything.  He said he works 60+ hours per week and he does everything.

He paused, as if waiting for me to applaud or give him a ribbon or something.

I then asked him what his dream life and business looks like.

His face lit up and he told me about travel to exotic places, time with his wife, and working part-time.

Coaches, business owners, and people in general are (unnecessarily) addicted to the struggle.  

“It’s supposed to be hard.”  

“You have to pay your dues.”

“Growth has to be incremental.”   

It only has to be hard, you need to pay your dues, and have incremental growth if you say so.

Earlier this year, when speaking with my coach, I shared with her that I needed to move up from the current level of support that I had.  The VA I was working with wasn’t showing up to do the work at the level at which I needed it to be done.  It was becoming a major energy drain for me.

So, I found two options for my next hire:

1. Team A:  Awesome but not quite what I would really love. The investment level would be $600/month, nearly double what I was spending at that time.

2. Team B:  Awesome and exactly what I wanted.  The investment level was $2,000/month.

I was justifying, in my it-has-to-be-incremental story, that I would hire Team A and then move up to Team B… when I was “ready.”

(“Ready” never comes, by the way.)

She asked me a powerful question:

Who is on your team in 2021 when your business is where you envision it?

Ah, crap. I quickly saw that it was time to put my big girl, CEO panties on and walk my talk.

So, I went home, made a few phone calls and hired “Team B.”

Was it scary?  Hell yes.  Was it worth it?  Abso-friggin-lutely.

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Life is too short for eventually.

As you consider where you’re unnecessarily becoming your own bottleneck, here are a few questions for you to think through:

Where, in your business (and life), are you waiting?

Where are you making it harder than it needs to be?

What if it’s possible that by hiring help, hiring an expert, you can actually have more time to do your genius work, serve more clients and increase your income?  (Hint: That’s exactly what happened for me.)

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