How to Sell Even When You Hate Selling

Guess what? Sales is an important part of your business

In fact, if you don’t have sales, you have a very expensive hobby. (And that’s not what I want for you as you’re creating a business you love and that allows you to create an impact.)

So, how do you work through your love-hate relationship with sales?

First, stop saying that you hate sales and that you aren’t good at it.

Next, realize that not everyone is your client (and that’s how it should be). When someone says “no,” it’s about them. They aren’t ready, they aren’t open, or it isn’t the right time for them.

And that’s OK.

In fact, the way I teach sales is that it isn’t about convincing someone to do something. Sales is about sharing your gifts, the value you offer, and inviting the person on the other end of the conversation to step into what they want most by investing in their results and working with you.

Sales is service when you approach it through this lens.

Tactics and tricks can work, yes, and you don’t (ever) have to do or say anything that’s out of alignment with your values.

And you can still be a sales rockstar.

Your ego tries to convince you that every “no” means something about you. Newsflash: It’s not about you.

I’m inviting you to consider that every “no” creates space for an energized “yes.” Every “no” has something to do with the other person, not you.

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If you aren’t clear about the value you deliver, then you can’t expect your ideal clients to be.

Maybe the person isn’t ready to do the work. Maybe the person is too scared. Maybe the person doesn’t really want to change.

Sales feels icky when you aren’t clear about the value you deliver. I’m hosting clients in the Six Figure Impact® Academy – Momentum Track this week and one thing that we’re going to go deep into is the seeing – and communicating – the value that each person's programs offer to their clients.

If you aren’t clear about the value you deliver, then you can’t expect your ideal clients to be.

To begin getting clear, think about one of your offers and work through these questions:

What’s possible for an ideal client when they work with you in this program?

Why is that important?

And the value of that?

And the value of that?

As you work with more clients and see how powerful it is for someone to say yes to themselves and to what they want by investing in themselves through working with you, this part gets easier. (I promise.)

And, dare I say it? Sales becomes fun.

Looking at sales through the lens of service allows the energy behind the conversation to shift. You start to see that you aren’t asking a client to give you money, but instead you’re asking the person to say yes to themself.

So, I’m curious…What if it’s possible that sales is service? And, how will you step into this perspective for your next sales conversation?

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