How to Raise Your Rates Without Losing Your Customers [VIDEO]

How to Raise Your Rates Without Losing Your Customers

Do you remember when you first began your coaching business?

You may have felt like you were stumbling through the fog, landing the occasional client, and you weren’t quite sure how. You questioned your value at every turn. Fear seemed a way of life.

But then, something shifted. You grew and expanded. You attracted more ideal clients. Received awesome testimonials. And as you grew more clear, the fog dissipated. Your mission crystalized. No longer did you want to charge dollars for hours.

(BTW, it’s one my favorite parts of working with my clients – helping my clients see the unique value that they bring to their customers.)

Here’s a cool thing that happens at this point: new clarity creates a renewed sense of confidence and unstoppable momentum.

Alignment and congruence begin to show up in your life and business.

How to Raise Your Rates (and Keep Your Customers)

Raise Your Rates and Keep Your Best Clients

Posted by Krista Martin on Monday, March 12, 2018

Own the Value You Deliver

When you see your value and what’s possible for your clients when they say “yes!” to what they want most in their lives or business by working with you, things shift.

(They shift big time.)

You no longer see sales as slimy, icky, or pushy. You see sales as service.

“Hi, I have some value. Would you like some?” Viewing sales through this lens, it becomes evident that not helping is selfish.

As you grow and expand, you get to invite your current clients to come along with you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Program benefits + Clients’ value = No brainer

You share with them what’s possible and model for them why it’s impossible to stay in the old paradigm. You’ve grown and evolved, which means your services evolve. This includes the way you’ve worked with clients in the past.

Growth means change. And, as humans, change isn’t usually something that we readily embrace.

Fear of Losing Clients Will Keep You Stuck

It’s all well and good to increase prices or offer programs to new clients, ones who haven’t worked with you before. That’s certainly one option.

Sometimes you’ll want to bring your best and favorite customers into your new programs. It makes sense: you like them!

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While you walk forward with positive expectation, also walk forward without being attached to the outcome.

Here’s the rub: when you change your programs or increase your rates, some of your favorites will decide your work together has come to an end. Sometimes it’s forever, sometimes not.

Losing clients can hurt, but only for a minute. (You see, that’s your ego telling you that it’s all about you and that it’s your fault that things didn’t work out. You got too big for your britches. Everything is about you, you, you. Don’t worry, though, it’s not true.)

Be Vulnerable

Instead of wallowing in loss and sadness, I’m inviting you to approach your current clients with compassion and love. Before you have a conversation with them about how your business is shifting, write down why the changes are awesome for them. Get clear on how, exactly, these changes will benefit them and align with their goals.

Then share that with them. Invite them.

While you walk forward with positive expectation, also walk forward without being attached to the outcome. Share the value, how your new services benefit them…and then, release.

How can you move forward without leaving your favorite clients behind? Here are three options to consider (as shared in the video):

1. Offer your new programs only to new clients

2. Invite your existing clients to move to your new programs at the new investment levels

3. Invite your existing clients to join in the new program at special, legacy client, investment levels

Always aim to meet your clients where they are and then invite them to expand and grow with you.

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