Your #1 Job is not coaching

Whaaatt? Are you serious?

I’m a coach, isn’t my number one job to coach people?

Nope, not even close.

(This is precisely why so few coaches have wait lists, thriving businesses, and the income they desire.)

I have some really cool things to share with you about your number one job and how to manage your energy.

Awesome thing #1: They are linked. When you do one, you receive the other.

Let me explain.

Managing your energy and channeling it in the direction that will help you reach your goals in the most efficient way (with more fun along the way) is vitally important to your success. When you know how to do this, you can avoid burnout, have more free time, and feel the boost and expansiveness of progress.

Forward motion.

Managing your energy isn’t achieved by coaching your clients.

Managing your energy is accomplished by fulfilling your first, and most important job: Making decisions. (This is awesome thing #2).

I’m talking about big decisions and small decisions. I’m talking about imperfect decisions. I’m talking about I’m-not-quite-sure-decisions.

When you decide to hire that website company, to bring on a new team member, or to fire an non-ideal client, what happens?

Your energy opens up.

You now have a clear path for what to do next. You have a clear path for what decision to make next. And then, you see what needs to be decided after that. And so on.

But, when you resist that first decision, it sits, just like an open loop in your brain and syphens off your energy. It derails your momentum.

It becomes an energy vampire (yuk).

Click the image below to hear exactly how I apply these in my business.

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So, today, I’m inviting you to seek out those open loops so you can close them. This is a momentum creating experience, so be prepared. Watch out, too, because your ego may sneak in and say you need more information or you’re not 100% sure. Make the decision anyway.

Another fail proof method of creating more energy in your business and life is to watch what you give your attention to (this is cool thing #3).

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

When a client says “no”, do you allow your brain to come up with all the reasons this means you’ll fail? Do you spin out in a way that drains your energy, focus, and momentum for the next hour (or worse, for the rest of the day)?

Or, do you disallow your energy from going in that direction, and instead move forward with your day, as planned?

When you confidently stand in your role as Chief Decision Maker, you’ll notice things happen more quickly. Opportunities show up “out of nowhere”. Clients say yes more often and your business grows.

And, you feel energized.

Go for it, I dare ya. Make 3 imperfect decisions today and see what opens up for you as a result.

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