Confessions Pajamas and REALLY Showing Up

You may have noticed, but in case you haven’t, we’re stepping into a new decade. A new DECADE

Not just a new year, but a new decade. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to start a fresh, expansive decade oh, maybe 10 times in your life.

(And yes, we can still speak about starting a new year and a new decade because it’s what we’re living right now. It’s not only exciting at the start of the year, it’s that way every. single. day.)

We celebrated a record year in business in 2019, breaking past the $500K mark. Half of a million. Love how that sounds and I’m not sharing this to brag. I’m sharing this to give you context and to help you see what’s possible.

My son came home from school last week and shared that their word of the month is “trustworthy”. We talked about what it means to be trustworthy and he went on to tell me that each student is invited to dress up like someone that they think is trustworthy for school the next day.

So, the natural next question was, “who is someone you view as trustworthy?”

He smiled really big and said, “You. You’re trustworthy.”

Of course, this warmed my heart and he continued to share that when he dresses up like me for school, he’ll wear a nice shirt and pajama pants.

My smile faded quickly as I let this sink in.

My smile faded because I realized that I wasn’t showing up for me, as my best self, when I’m wearing pajama pants (even though they are super cute and have little hearts on them…)

You see, your business is the vehicle that calls you forward into the best version of yourself.

Pajama pants during the day aren’t the best version of me.

And, the $1 million business owner version of me (the future me), doesn’t wear pajama pants during the day. She might wear leggings, but she isn’t in pajama pants.

The fastest path to create the results you’re dreaming about and that you visualize in your future, is to BE the person who creates those results.

It seems counter-intuitive, to BE the part before you actually have the RESULTS, but it works.

How cool! You get to show up as the future you who has achieved the goals you’re thinking about right now. You don’t have to wait any longer.

Breathe that in for a few minutes…

You are successful right now. How does the future version of you act, decide, and show up? (Start doing those things right now.)

Since my future self doesn’t wear pajama pants, I’m not wearing them now.

(And, are you with me here, too? Do you notice a difference in your energy, resilience, productivity and how you approach your business when you dress differently?)

So, just as my son gave me the gift of honest reflection and the opportunity to re-calibrate, I’m inviting you to do the same.

Here are some questions for you to journal about as you consider how amazing you want your next decade to be:

  • What does showing up, as my best, for myself and my business look like? (Think about how you plan your day, how you take action, your work environment, what you do, how you dress….)
  • In what ways AM I rocking it and showing up as my best self? (High fives!)
  • Where are the opportunities to show up more fully as my future self as I grow my business?
  • What, specifically, does that look like? And, when will I start?
  • What’s at risk if I do show up as my best self each day?
  • What at risk if I don’t show up as my best self each day?

Showing up and being the person who achieves the results you desire is the fastest way to create the results you desire. It’s not rocket science AND most people don’t do it.

As a coach, I’m a lover-of-all-the questions because that’s where the answers reside. For each person, questions help uncover what answers are true for each person, in that moment. And, just as there can be new clarity, there’s no real change without real action.

So, please share: In what ways – big or small – will start showing up differently? And, when will you start?

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