The Great Mentor Hoax

Humans naturally default to seeking out a “quick fix”

Take a pill to instantly remedy whatever ails you.

Hurry up, deliver that yesterday.

Google it and do that.

Hire an expert and BAM-O your business is fixed forever.

In a world of instant gratification, I get it.

No mentor, coach, or expert can single handedly solve the challenges you’re facing in your relationships, your business, your mindset, or your life.

There’s no quick fix.

You see, building a business isn’t a one time event.

Many business owners mistakenly believe that a magical quick fix exists and that if you buy this one product, tweak this one word on your website or try this new one off marketing strategy, then all of your woes will disappear. Forever.

And then they lose faith when that one thing didn’t work.

Building your business is the most amazing self development adventure you’ll ever take. Your business growth is directly related to your personal growth. Real growth doesn’t come from something external to you. It comes from within you.

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Your coaching business will stretch you into becoming the best, most authentic, version of you.

Let’s be real.

So, this journey you’re on? Well, it’s amazing, awesome, and man-oh-man, it can be exhausting. (Last year, I hosted my first live event for 50 coaches. I jokingly shared with my coach that I needed “a break from all of this personal-developing” I was experiencing. It challenged me and stretched me every single day.)

Your coaching business will stretch you into becoming the best, most authentic, version of you.

Every challenge is there for a reason. Yay – celebrate challenges! There’s always a lesson to be learned and an opportunity to grow. You have everything you need inside of you and choosing the right mentor or coach (for you) will allow you to activate it.

A right fit mentor, a sprinkle of patience, a big dose of action, some implementation time, and a cup of consistency will go a long way for allowing results to show up.

If you're looking for opportunities to create faster results, you may uncover some hidden gems by asking the questions below.

Some questions to ask yourself:  

Where am I not taking full responsibility for my results (in life, relationships, or your business)?

What, specifically, would it look like if I did take full responsibility for the outcome?

How would I show up differently?

What’s my first step?

The Great Mentor Hoax is this: The growth of your business isn’t “solved” by hiring a mentor or coach. There’s no quick fix (because hey, you’re a never-ending project of growth and awesomeness). A great mentor helps to activate the greatness that's already inside of you.

Please share: What opportunities open up for you as look for places you can take more responsibility?

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