Non-Negotiables For Your Business This Holiday Season

Ahhh…what does this time of year bring up for you?

Happiness, calm, and peace?
Stress, frustration, and overwhelm?
Something else?

The great news is that you get to create your experience. You get to choose if it’s stressful, overwhelming, or filled with joy and spaciousness.

Isn't that cool?

And, regardless of what you’ve experienced so far, you can change your experience in this moment so it’s aligned with what you want to experience.

How do you want to feel today? At the end of the week? After the Holiday festivities?

Once you’re clear on your desired feeling, ask yourself this next question:

What needs to happen (things you can control) for me to feel that way?

Contrary to what many guru’s will tell you, I invite you to pause during this season. To breathe. To rest. And, to listen…

Really listen.

One of the most fulfilling gifts you can give to anyone – and yourself – is the gift of being present with others. You know that, I know that. Even the cat knows that.

While I agree there’s an even more powerful, deeper gift of presence.

Being present with yourself.

Instead of focusing on the, “I’m not there yet…” and the goals and ambitions that you have, allow yourself to be quiet. To go inward.

Allow yourself to listen to your inner guidance, your soul, as it has much to share.

What’s possible for you if you take this time of reflection and allow yourself to be present with yourself?

Be present with your questions.
Be present with your wins.
Be present with the obstacles that are showing up.
Be present with the beauty that exists in your life, in this very moment.
Be present with the content and ideas that have been ignored…
Be present with the opportunity to step into ease and grace.
Be present with your unique path.
Be present with the quiet mind and desires and dreams that have yet to be expressed.

This isn’t an invitation to do, do, do. Instead this is an invitation to be, be, be.

What’s showing up for you? What presence is being requested of you in this moment?

Slowing down will allow you to more quickly achieve your vision. I know, it sounds counterintuitive, but stick with me here.

You won’t be moving forward quickly because of more effort and work. Instead, with intentional and aligned action, you’ll reach your goals with less effort, more ease, and have more fun along the way.

So go ahead, pause. Be present with what’s here for you, in this moment. I dare ya.

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