Four Steps to Release Your Old Money Beliefs

What if it’s possible that it doesn’t have to be hard?  

What if success and freedom can come to you with grace and ease?  What if it’s possible?

Now that you’ve identified some of your limiting beliefs about money, I’m excited to share with you an easy process for replacing those beliefs.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer

Ready to upgrade your thinking and your results?  Awesome.

Step One.

The first step is to become aware of what your limiting beliefs are.

Hooray for you – you’ve already done this.  (If you haven’t chosen a specific belief to focus on, click here to uncover the one that feels true for you at this time.)  You’ll want to have one specific money belief handy as you work through this process so you can witness the magic.

Step Two.

Step two?  Be willing to allow things to change in your life.

Every belief you have has a purpose.  Look closely to uncover the benefit you’ve received from holding this to be true.

It may be that you can join in on the conversation at the water cooler or the dinner table about how miserable the economy is and how the rich keeping getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.

Maybe this belief has allowed you to stay “stuck” or play small since you’ve been telling the story that your family just isn’t good at handling money.

By aligning yourself with this belief, have you given yourself permission to avoid responsibility for your life and your results?

Remember, there’s no judgement here.  Just data.

This step is a really, really important one.

If you’re willing to let go of this belief and the *perks* associated with it, please continue reading.

Step Three.

Look for proof that contradicts your old belief.  For example:

Old belief:  Money makes a person greedy.

Look for people and businesses that are making a big impact on the world and are generous with money.

Old belief:  I have to work really hard to become wealthy.

Seek out people that have made money in ridiculously effortless ways. Look for people that work less than you do and bring in substantial more income.

Now that you’ve found several examples of where this belief has proven false, you’re beginning to dismantle your mental certainty that this belief really is, in fact, true.  Even if you only open the door a tiny bit, your mind is now able to look at your belief through a new lens.

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What if it’s possible that I already have everything that I need and I’m ready?

Step Four.

Rewrite your story.

This is my favorite part of the process because it puts you 100% in the drivers seat of your life.

What do you WANT to be true?  What do you WANT to happen?  How do you WANT to feel?  How do you WANT your life to go?

I’m a strong believer in the power of questions (hence, my coach training) because I believe that each person has their own “best” answer that will lead them to the most amazing version of their business and life.  So, here’s a place where I differ from what you’ll hear a lot of the guru’s out there saying.

Yes, affirmations are great and some people love ‘em.  If they work for you, fantastic.

When the new belief is reframed into a statement, it feels too forceful for me and can invite your Inner Critic to jump up and down when you exclaim, “I am wealthy and money is coming to me easily and in many ways!”

Instead, I like framing the new belief in the form of a question.  And then posting it so you can see it every day.

What if it’s possible that money is flowing through me, easily, and in many ways?

What if it’s possible that I can build a business that I love, with grace and ease?

What if it’s possible that as more money flows through my business, that I can serve and invest in others at a high level?

What if it’s possible that I already have everything that I need and I’m ready?

This format allows you to consider the possibility and slowly shift the belief by asking your brain to simply consider that there might be another way.  For my data driven clients, this is an especially powerful way to help them start to tell their new, abundant, story

It’s not about the information, it’s about how you apply the information and integrate it into your life. (If it was, there would be one diet book and one self help book and everyone would be the ideal weight and happy.)

So, please share: What’s your “what if it’s possible” question?  You never know, your question just might spark someone else’s profound insight.  Ready, set…go!

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