Real Life Six Figure Impact: Client Spotlight, Tanya McGill Freeman [VIDEO]

Client Success Tanya McGill Freeman

Be prepared to laugh and be inspired as Tanya shares her up's, down's, and mega lessons along her business building adventure

Tanya is many things and one of the things you’ll see right away is her generous nature. She’s not only generous with her clients, but everyone in her community.

When you tune in you'll learn how her business has grown this past year, what she took away from Six Figure Impact LIVE last year and what music she turns UP when she's celebrating a business victory.

(And yes, she didn't share if gets up and dances to these songs buuuuuutttt I bet her neighbors have seen her dancing quite a bit over the last few months as she's had a lot of breakthroughs, clarity, and client wins.)

Click below to watch Tanya’ interview and to see what ALL IN looks like.

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