Real Life Six Figure Impact: Client Spotlight, Kim Svodoba [VIDEO]

Client Success Kim Svoboda

Can we talk about amazing for a few minutes?

Kim and I have been working together for several years and I’m not sure if there’s anyone that I have more laughs with while we’re working on her strategies and programs to support her clients.

It’s having fun WHILE doing the work, at it’s best.

Kim’s company, Aspiration Catalyst, is one that you absolutely want to follow as her company continues to grow and create more Strengths Based organizations.  Not only is she a powerful force in corporations, but she also has a special place in her heart for supporting women in leadership and helping them to step up – and in – to roles they love.

In typical Kim fashion, she decided last year that she wanted to offer a retreat for a group of women in California to give them the space and community to recalibrate and get clear about what they want to create in their lives.  She decided…and then it was on the books and the pieces came together.

This interview series, Real Life Six Figure Impact, was created to show you that YES, you can create a thriving coaching business that fills your heart, your client roster, and your bank account while you get to make a positive impact on the world.

Kim is the real deal and you can build a business similar to hers or wildly different. It’s up to you AND your dream business is absolutely possible.

Grab a chair, a notepad, and prepare to be inspired. Kim never disappoints in that department.

Posted by Krista Martin on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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