Tim Sinclair : Ringr CEO Discusses a Vision and Product That Could Improve Interview Quality for Everyone!


Interview recording can be a pain in the ass.

Tim Sinclair has a history of interviewing people as a radio host for years. He’s been a capital raising entrepreneur for about two years. What gives?

Ever been watching ESPN and they interview an athlete over the phone. The guys in the studio sound awesome and the athlete on the phone sounds like he’s flying over the Himalayan mountains in a helicopter?

Tim decided there had to be a better solution for sound quality that would impact podcasters, radio personalities and pretty much anyone needing good, studio quality audio regardless of the situation.

Like any entrepreneurial journey, Tim has been riding the rollercoaster, overcoming obstacles and pushing past the fear on the way to launching RINGR.us

I use the application on this interview with Tim and I have to tell you – it’s simple and simply awesome.

On this episode we talk about the journey, test out Ringr and I freak out a bit like a kid in a candy store.

Let’s do this!

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