The Power and Importance of Leadership and How To Align Your Company Toward One Vision

Rick Lochner Naperville Leadership Coach

Success requires consistent leadership. Whether you are a one person shop or running a large division of a Fortune 500 company, the kind of momentum and success you have will depend very highly on your leadership abilities.

I wanted to speak to Rick because not only has he dedicated his professional career to the development of leaders, but he’s walked the walk since he was 11 years old. The ideas and principles upon which his company is founded are not regurgitated platitudes from books and seminars, but from real life experience and years of working closely to develop leadership principles and align organizations to win.

Rick’s insights will help you on your journey to reach your true potential. You’ll discover unique insights into leadership and where many fall flat. You’ll learn some simple strategies to build out an organization chart and align all involved with your vision – even if you’re a one person show. You’ll hear Rick discuss the importance of leadership and his passion for helping develop the leaders of today and those of the future.

About Rick:

Rick Lochner is the President and CEO of RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. He is an accomplished Coach, Facilitator, College Professor, Keynote and Workshop Speaker, Author and foremost, a Leader.

His Vision is to help Business Owners, Corporate and Non-Profit Leadership Teams and Individual Professionals Make Leadership a Way of Life. He coaches organizational leaders to leverage effective goal-setting, organizational planning, people development and process improvement to ensure their business strategies achieve their desired results.

Where you can learn more about Rick

Rick Lochner Website Here
RPC Leadership Associates Website

Rick’s latest book: The Missing Piece for Entrepreneurs: Achieving Sustainable Growth through Business Alignment”

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