Susan Mravca of JuvodHR on Passion, Longevity, Finding Solutions and the Eternal Entrepreneurial Journey

juvodHR  Susan Mravca

The entrepreneurial story is a glamorous one to be told. Open any business related magazine today and you’ll hear the stories of overnight billionaires, genius’ who hacked an age old process or reinvented the way we’ve done things for centuries.

It’s the stories you don’t hear often that are often the most inspiring. The stories of entrepreneurs quietly building businesses focused on smaller niche markets, helping the millions of small businesses overcome pain points and roadblocks slowing them down. These are stories of great leaders making a difference.

But you won’t hear many of these stories being told. They aren’t flashy. They aren’t raising hundreds of millions of dollars or receiving multi-billion dollar valuations. They aren’t rising to the top of app charts overnight or being covered by Fortune Magazine as the next big thing.

They’re simply making a difference, impacting lives and making a mark.

On this episode of Make Your Mark I talk to an entrepreneur who’s been making a difference since the 80’s, quietly building and investing in Chicagoland businesses every step of the way. She was that fearless female entrepreneur who has always found a way.

Her latest endeavor, JuvodHR is yet another example of her insatiable curiosity and ability to develop solutions to common problems plaguing millions of small business owners.

I introduce you to someone you should have heard of a long time ago: Susan Mravca.

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