Shawn Nelson of LoveSac | Remarkable Journey of Ups Downs Billionaires and Hustling To Grow a Billion Dollar Brand of His Own

LoveSac Shawn Nelson

Imagine creating something for fun before you’re twenty, turning it into a multi-million dollar business with franchises across the US, running into challenges and a brutal economic downturn that ends up putting the business into Bankruptcy, landing a spot on The Rebel Billionaire with Richard Branson, winning the title of Rebel Billionaire and one million dollars beating out Spanx founder Sara Blakely, having Branson invest in your struggling company only to rebuild into a national brand that is transforming the way we look at furniture. Phew!

That’s Shawn Nelson.  I don’t think he realizes how incredible the story really is – he’s too busy focused on building a billion dollar company out of LoveSac and I wouldn’t bet against him.

Lovesac has a strange underground following, having been featured on sets of numerous TV shows, in celebrity homes, and in movies. Amazingly, having never used traditional advertising, it has grown by the merits of its products and brand, focused on delivering the ultimate in practical and comfy “furniture for real life.” From the Lovesac Bus to Lovesac Movie Theaters located in Texas, California and Korea—this ain’t your grandmother’s sofa company.

Lovesac is not just another furniture retailer, or brand of bland designs. Each core Lovesac product is a legitimate furniture invention, with patents to prove it. The “Sacs” that made Lovesac famous, put simply, are massively oversized bean bags filled with chopped Durafoam instead of styrene beads, and comes with a two-lifetime guarantee never to go flat, or break. The Durafoam is recycled from new sofa foam tailings, and is far more comfortable and resilient than bean bag beans—more like a gigantic pillow, than a stiff bean bag.

Shawn carved out some time for you guys during the busiest week of the retail season and I think you’ll appreciate his story, insights and advice.

This is a great one….let’s do it!

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