Sam Rosen of Desktime App on Perspectives on Entrepreneurship, Seeing Opportunity, and Building a More Connected World

Sam Rosen Desktime App

Sam Rosen has a unique ability to see opportunity and capitalize on it. This is a Chicago entrepreneur who has evolved into a serial entrepreneur in a uniquely organic way. From building a now 18 plus person web design and development firm to one of the first co-op working spaces in Chicago called The Coop to his latest venture, Desktime – Sam has delivered solutions to market needs.

A habitual problem solver, Sam directed his creative energies towards a solution for managing coworking spaces after seeing the challenges first hand as co-owner/operator of The Coop, Chicago’s first dedicated coworking space. There wasn’t the right tool for the job, so Sam and partner Pat Griffin decided to assemble the best team and built the solution. The Coop was acquired by NextSpace, a network of nine coworking spaces across the US, as NextSpace River North in August 2013.

Sam also founded One Design Company, a collective committed to high quality web design & development, interaction design and user interface design, in 2005. One Design has helped clients ranging from the family of restaurants of One-Off Hospitalities (Avec, Blackbird, Publican, and The Violet Hour) define their online presence to partnering with Groupon for projects ranging from their first iPhone applications to microsites to complex payment gateway integration.

A native Chicagoan, Sam operates through a make-it-happen mindset. He likes spending time making art with his surrogate brothers at The Post Family, an art and design collaborative and gallery, taking walks with his dog Eli, and sampling delicious food from around the globe.

On this episode of The Make Your Mark Podcast we talk opportunity, a more connected world and how he’s transforming the entire way people think about where to work on a day to day basis.


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