Mark Jamnik | Finding Problems, Solving Them, Creating Value and Enjoying Life Daily

Jamnik Mark Sales and Enjoying Life Daily

Mark Jamnik figured things out the hard way. Like most entrepreneurs he found his calling a deep desire to help other people. BUT no one would let him help. It’s a common challenge small businesses face: you have a great product or service…but no one pays attention or cares.

Mark goes into how he pivoted from offering what he was looking for to offering what the market was looking for. He listened. He shares his advice on gaining attention, building a values based business, standing out in a crowded marketplace and ultimately enjoying life daily.

Award-winning sales strategist, with 15 years’ business experience ranging from Not-for-Profits to Fortune 500 companies. Author of ‘Smarter Selling: 5 steps to Sales Success’, creator of the ‘Sales Roadmap’ course, along with the ‘Story selling’ program; and, has appeared at TEDx conferences and on Money Radio.

Mark also designs sales systems, which increase revenue, decrease expenditure, enhance performance, and enable companies to measure, monitor and maximize their profit. He mentors and motivates CEOs and their teams, with an unrelenting focus on achieving objectives and delivering tangible results.


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