Liz Tilati of Zip Fit Denim on Perseverance, Focus, Delivering The Perfect Fit and Being a Female Entrepreneur


Every business desires to have a product that is a perfect fit for their customer needs. Zip Fit Denim happens to ceate the perfect fit every time as part of the DNA of their company.

ZipFit helps men find perfect fitting jeans fast using our smart algorithms. Once you find your perfect fit, they compliment it with free tailoring and free shipping.

There are obstacles female entrepreneurs face that their male counterparts do not. Many of these are easily overlooked, but the challenges are certainly there. For a female entrepreneur to launch a company focused on mens style and fit, this would appear to be an even more challenging move. Liz is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when you don’t focus on the obstacles, but instead remain focused on the future.

On this episode of The Make Your Mark podcast I talk to Liz about building Zip Fit Denim, the challenges of entrepreneurship, what fuels her and how to let nothing get in your way to fulfilling a dream.


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