John Huston on The Modern Day Explorer, The Power of Optimism and 3 Life Changing Rules

John Huston

Within the entrepreneurial community, we love the war stories of being knocked down, getting back up and walking the tight rope of risk and reward. We proudly wear the badge of “entrepreneur” and want everyone to know we’re in the club. We’re the risk takers, the ones pulling all nighters and using war terminology to express how we compete.

There’s a sense of being modern day explorers, the types of people going out into the unknown and risking it all.

It feels good.

I’ve made it known my all time favorite business book is Endurance by Alfred Lansing. If you’ve heard me speak about this remarkable story you’ve heard how I can “relate” to the struggle, the personalities and the endurance displayed on that remarkable voyage. I like to think of my journey as being quite similar.

But it’s not even close. I’m motivated and inspired by these stories and am driven to be better, to persevere and to overcome – but the journey can’t be compared to the select few who actually live and breath authentic exploration.

While our current society glamorizes celebrity and sits in awe over the mental fortitude of the athlete who plays through pain there are guys like John Huston doing the impossible, exploring places few, if any, humans have ever been. They are overcoming obstacles and making life or death decisions, literally. They’re pushing the boundaries of mind over matter and providing a blueprint for successful teams in any endeavor.

But you’ve never heard of John Huston. Ask any high school kid about Kim Kardashian or what Justin Bieber was up to last week and I’d be willing to bet 99.99% would be able to tell you. Ask that same group who John Huston is and I doubt anyone would know. There’s something wrong with that. But I digress.

On this episode of the Make Your Mark Podcast I’ll introduce you to a modern day explorer right here in the chicagoland area. Listen close and you’ll get a glimpse into the thought process, beliefs and optimism of someone who ventures off into unchartered territory, risks it all, demonstrates teamwork and lives by a few simple rules that are required for a successful expedition. Listen close and you’ll hear from a guy your kids should know more about and who is quietly keeping the spirit of adventure alive, carrying a torch that inspires us all.


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