Jeffrey Gitomer on Why Writing Leads To Wealth and If You’re Not Reaching Success It May Be Because You Have No Balls

Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Strategies

I first encountered Jeffrey Gitomer when I was browsing a book store and picked up the Little Red Book of Selling. After absorbing the message I decided I had to see this guy in action and I attended a presentation he was doing in Chicago. I was hooked.

There was something refreshing in his message. Jeffrey has a no bullshit way about him that simplifies processes that have been overcomplicated by so many other gurus and sales teachers. I made The Little Red Book of Selling mandatory for all my new hires at the time and still consider that one of the best sales books ever written.

On this episode of Make Your Mark you’ll get to hear the no nonsense approach that Jeffrey is known for. He shares how he built himself into a nationally recognized expert on sales and why so many entrepreneurs and sales people fail to reach their goals.

This is a wild ride!  I hope you enjoy it.


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