Jason Kunesh on Building a Community For The Public Good, Simplifying the Complex and Working for Obama

Public Good Software

When your company is a benefits corporation with the name Public Good you’ve got a lot to live up to.

Jason has a rich history in the Chicago entrepreneurial scene having been a part of Orbitz, The Point (now Groupon) and President Obama’s re-election campaign. His co-founder Dan Ratner has an equally remarkable history having founded Sittercity with his wife Genevieve which has gone on to national acclaim.

These guys know what they’re doing and they’re on a mission with Public Good.

Public Good Software is revolutionizing philanthropy. Their flagship platform, publicgood.com, makes it easy to find, research and connect with organizations that are working on the causes that matter to you. It also makes it possible for those organizations to create a deeper relationship with their supporters, share their needs, successes and challenges and create opportunities for meaningful civic participation.

It’s like a social network for doing good. Or a marketplace for charity. Either way, it’s unlocking grassroots resources for charities and making supporting them simpler and more rewarding. Check it out.

On this episode of Make Your Mark I talk to Jason about finding opportunities, bringing people together and what’s it’s like to build a benefits corporation that has the potential to transform the way people connect with organizations, and other like minded individuals, who are focused less on themselves and more on the public good.


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