Jack Erwin Shoes: How Two Guys with No Experience in The Fashion Industry Launched the Fast Growing Shoe Company


This is a story about two guys who couldn’t find a pair of fashionable, affordable shoes and were left wondering where the hell all of the simple mens dress shoes went. So what do they do? Start their own shoe company of course!

It’s sounds crazy, which is why the story is so great. Add to that the name of the company, which is the first names of both founders fathers, Jack and Erwin, and you have something remarkable. But wait…the product kicks ass too?!

What gives? Which one of these guys has the pedigree in fashion or manufacturing or shoes? Neither.

In this interview you’re going to hear how two guys solved their own problem and ended up with a fast growing shoe company that I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the future.


Go to Jack Erwin Shoes (seriously, go to the link….what are you waiting for?)

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