Heather Havenwood | How To Choose Yourself, Surround Yourself With Remarkable People and Build a Business From Nothing

Heather Havenswood Meets Make Your Mark

Heather Havenwood is The Sexy Boss. She defines confidence and has developed a trust in her instincts as she’s quickly become the mentor, coach and marketing entrepreneur that helps women worldwide navigate through growth and the development of the business and entrepreneur life.  Ms. Havenwood’s personal life mission is to empower 100 Million women in their journey of owning their talent, self-confidence and self-reliance through Entrepreneurship Education.

Havenwood is the embodiment of the new women of a new era.  Being ‘Sexy’, being entrepreneur, being self-confident, being leader, being a CEO, being a voice, being a Fitness Figure Competitor, and just being a women in every sense of the word.

In this episode we discuss how she got started, the mentality it takes to pick yourself up from the bottom and rise back to the top and the value of surrounding yourself with remarkable people.


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