Darren Guccione of Keeper Security on Finding Solutions & Maintaining Consistency on the Way to 6 Million Plus Users

keeper security darren guccione

Keeper Security founder and CEO Darren Guccione knows a thing or two about building a business. As a seasoned entrepreneur on his third venture, Darren has cultivated a unique ability to find a better way of doing things.  He previously founded the cellphone products company Callpod and worked for mobile-advertising provider JiWire.

At a time when security and the term data breach is heard daily, Darren’s team is hell bent on being at the forefront of protecting user data for consumers and small businesses.

In this interview you’ll get a glimpse into the thought process and vision for created solutions to complex problems and how Darren and his team mold the finished product to be remarkably simple for the end user.

We talk about his past experience as an entrepreneur and the mindset of an entrepreneur constantly looking for problems that deserve a solution.

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