Hey There!  I'm Steve.

You can listen to episode #1 to learn more about my story if you so desire but here's a quick summary of who I am.

I'm an entrepreneur who's started 13 companies in my 20 year career (two were very successful, 9 were average or offshoots of existing companies and 2 were disastrous financially).  I went Bankrupt (ugh!) but ultimately gained clarity in my life, rebuilt and am better for the trials and tribulations I've been through.  (these are first world problems anyway).  I completely burned myself out and had to re-evaluate everything in my life.

Most importantly I'm a husband to the most incredible, understanding and supportive woman in the world who I met in High School (all together now:  awwwwww!) and we have two hilarious, athletic and loving little girls.  I spend my off time at soccer games, taekwondo lessons, gymnastics and American Girl Doll stores.

I have a fresh new startup in Chicago in the video marketing space.  I'm energized, refocused and loving life.  I'm appreciative for the challenges that provided me with the insights and clarity I have today.  I'm a marketing consultant (even though I hate this vague, generalized term) called upon by remarkable companies who trust me to guide them through the process of building a well oiled sales and marketing engine AND I talk to my friends on my Podcast Make Your Mark.

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