Cali Lewis talks Building Connections with Your Audience, Chasing Dreams and Staying on the Cutting Edge

Cali Lewis Geek Beat TV

What can I really say about Cali Lewis other than she’s an amazing person, a pioneer and someone passionate about the audience that supports her.

Cali was one of the early pioneers in podcasting, recognizing immediately that there was something special about the opportunity to broadcast a show on mobile devices when she saw the first video iPod. She jumped at the chance and began producing shows.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Cali Lewis is an entrepreneur. You hear people say “fail forward fast” or Seth Godin’s popular mantra “ship”, but few understand the power of taking action.  Was her first show perfect – not even close. Ask her about it today and it’s more comedic disbelief than anything else. But it was a start!  She took action.

You’ll hear how she continue to pursue forward progress and how they are constantly trying new things and reworking the formula to make it better. You’ll hear the authenticity in her voice as she describes her appreciation for her audience and you’ll get a real sense of the importance of knowing your why.

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