Sam Glenn on The Power of Attitude and Laughter

how to change your attitude

I really like this guy Sam Glenn.  He’s one of the most authentic people I’ve encountered and happens to be naturally hilarious.  His energy is contagious.  Sam does 100+ presentations every year to audiences of thousands, having presented at stadiums of 75,000 people. In this episode Sam shares his history, setbacks and the transformative power…

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Anxiety Guru Paul Dooley on Overcoming Fear, Anxiety and Self Doubt

how to overcome anxiety

How To Overcome Anxiety. Do you know how many times I searched online for “How To Overcome Anxiety”.  Too many to count.  There’s a lesson I’ve learned the hard way:  no one gets out of this life unscathed.  We all go through challenges, face setbacks and deal with human emotions.  When I was facing my…

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Gabriel Weinberg of Duck Duck Go on Going up against Google and How To Build Traction For Your Small Business


Gabriel Weinberg knows a thing or two about building traction.   Founder & CEO of DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn’t track you with over a billion searches annually. Previously he was the Co-founder & CEO of Opobox, which was sold to United Online in 2006 for $10 million. Weinberg is also an angel investor who has…

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Is This More Effective Than Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest Combined?

marketing that works

Offline marketing communications can differentiate you in a digital world.  Let me repeat that : offline marketing communications can differentiate you in a digital world Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest Couldn’t Pull of What These Guys Did! When everyone zigs, you zag.  It’s what the greatest companies and marketers make a habit of doing. I’m old…

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Here’s How To Make EVERY Marketing and Advertising Effort Pay Off In A Big Way

successful small business marketing

Small business marketing plans and marketing success require attention to detail and a process that accounts for every step in the relationship. The majority of advertising and marketing dollars spent by small, local businesses returns dismal rates of return and are all too often complete failures.  It’s because they either don’t have a marketing plan or…

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You’ve Probably Overlooked These MUST READ Books For Entrepreneurs

best books for entrepreneurs

Do Yourself a Favor and Read These: Must read books for entrepreneurs : here’s 6 must read books if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur – and not the ones you think 1.  Endurance  (leadership and attitude) This is the absolute best book I’ve ever read on teamwork, leadership, attitude and mental & physical…

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James Clear : How To Gain Momentum and Transform Your Life by Changing Your Habits


I’m a HUGE fan of James’.  He’s not only a great guy, but he’s making a positive impact on the lives of everyone who listens to his lessons on habits and change. You’re going to benefit tremendously if you absorb this episode and start to put some of the teachings into practice in your business…

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Dabble with Erin Hopmann and Jay Swoboda – A Refreshingly Honest Look at Challenges, Opportunities and Honesty of A Start-Up


UPDATE:  Jay Swoboda is now officially CEO of Dabble.  Congratulations Jay – we’re all excited to see how far Dabble can go! This is an episode about the reality of entrepreneurship, told directly from founder Erin Hopmann and the vision, direction and dreams current CEO Jay Swoboda has of building in person connections in a…

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Omar Soliman on How To Get Big Time Press, The Power of Purpose and Working ON vs IN Your Business

Omar Soliman

Unless you’ve entirely reinvented the wheel you are in a commoditized business.  The question becomes how do you rise above the noise, stand out and build something that is anything but “just another ______”.  In this episode Omar Soliman of College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving talks about how their unique approach to…

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MYM 001: Making My Mark. Success, Failure and The Lessons of Life – My Story

never give up

This is the first episode of Make Your Mark. I share my story and give you an idea of where I’m headed with this podcast. That’s all for now.

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