MYM 019: How Bob Britton Not Only Saved His Business, But Dominated His Market by Leveraging Strategic Marketing Automation

marketing automation

The serial entrepreneur. Many people toss this term around, but few truly represent what it means. Bob Britton is a serial entrepreneur. He’s a guy who took a huge gamble early in his career and ended up saving his business and finding new opportunities when he discovered the power of strategic, automated marketing processes. Listening…

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These 5 Questions Will Uncover Your Likelihood of Success

5 questions

Consumers want to work with the best. Do they perceive you as the best or “just another”. How many events have you been to where an expert speaker is brought in? Aside from your politicians and celebrities, most experts have positioned themselves as the go to for information on the presented topic. While many have…

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Should I Just Kill Myself?

considering suicide

I was sitting in a grocery store parking lot all alone.  I had a six pack of Goose Island on the passenger seat with three empty bottles and counting.  It was my way of coping at that moment with the situation at hand. In ten minutes I would be on a conference call with some unhappy…

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What Do Tiger Woods & The Jamaican Bobsled Team Have In Common?

marketing your story

There’s two key ingredients that separate market leading small businesses from their increasingly commoditized counterparts. You may succeed, but will never reach your full potential if you’re missing either component. And if you’re able to meld the two together, you can multiply your success infinitely. Ingredients: A product or service that delivers on its promise (bonus…

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Cali Lewis talks Building Connections with Your Audience, Chasing Dreams and Staying on the Cutting Edge

Cali Lewis Geek Beat TV

What can I really say about Cali Lewis other than she’s an amazing person, a pioneer and someone passionate about the audience that supports her. Cali was one of the early pioneers in podcasting, recognizing immediately that there was something special about the opportunity to broadcast a show on mobile devices when she saw the…

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James Wedmore on The Unfair Advantages of Video Marketing, Patience, Commitment and Childbirth

james wedmore video marketing

The power of video has always been something entrepreneurs have been aware of. Years ago small businesses only dreamed of having a budget that would allow them to produce a video and distribute it for consumers to see. The fact is it would have cost a fortune. Changes would have been difficult and the idea of…

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Are You Hiding The REAL You? Why Authenticity May Be What Your Missing


au.then.tic adjective 1. of undisputed origin; genuine. The thing about personal authenticity is it’s incredibly hard to fake.  We aren’t talking about paintings or baseball cards here. We’re talking character, expression and personality. Authenticity is hard to come by.  When we see it, we know it and applaud it. Tribes are built around authentic people…

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John Paul Aguiar on Building an Audience and Why Nothing Beats Authenticity

authenticity John Paul Aguiar

Authenticity: John Paul Aguiar is authentic.  If you want to know the secret sauce behind his rise to #6 on Forbes List of the “50 Social Media Power Influencers” that’s it.  Authenticity. John Paul built a career by sharing insights and tips on making money online.  He’s self made and learned through trial and error…

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15 Inspirational Quotes and Images To Build Momentum

I believe in failing

Like most of you I’m a sucker for great quotes and images.  The right motivational quote can get you inspired, add fuel to the fire or help you get over the hump. I put together a handful of some of my favorites for you below.  I also wanted to add a handful I stumbled upon…

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Andy Murphy talks Mindset for Success, Positive Attitude and Building Better Habits

Mindset and NLP

Ever wonder how to become more confident?  How to think more clearly or perform at your best more consistently?  Mindset is a critical component to success and to bouncing back when you’ve been knocked down. Andy Murphy understand the power of the mind.  A globe-trotter, Andy travels the world from the USA, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Australia, New…

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