Amy Cosper of Entrepreneur Magazine on Striving to Be Your Best, Supporting Entrepreneurs and Changing Lives One Person at a Time

amy cosper entrepreneur magazine

Amy Cosper is the VP and Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine. She’s the type of person with a drive and spirit that are simply contagious.  The fact that she now runs one of the most inspiring magazines for entrepreneurs on the planet is no accident. On this episode of Make Your Mark we talk about…

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Jeffrey Gitomer on Why Writing Leads To Wealth and If You’re Not Reaching Success It May Be Because You Have No Balls

Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Strategies

I first encountered Jeffrey Gitomer when I was browsing a book store and picked up the Little Red Book of Selling. After absorbing the message I decided I had to see this guy in action and I attended a presentation he was doing in Chicago. I was hooked. There was something refreshing in his message.…

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Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt Caught In The Act


It’s true – kind of. Well, not really. OK – who really cares. You’ve been manipulated. This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last. Welcome to the modern media world where traffic matters more than truth and you are no longer the customer, but the product. I won’t pretend this Eureka moment is of…

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This is Why Your Marketing Won’t Deliver Peak Performance


You are being inundated with the latest and greatest shiny object promising to deliver magical results. It’s the times we live in. Social, mobile, digital, traditional and so on. The options are limitless. You get a feeling of hope. This is what you have been missing. It’s the silver bullet that’s making other entrepreneurs rich and now…

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Darren Guccione of Keeper Security on Finding Solutions & Maintaining Consistency on the Way to 6 Million Plus Users

keeper security darren guccione

Keeper Security founder and CEO Darren Guccione knows a thing or two about building a business. As a seasoned entrepreneur on his third venture, Darren has cultivated a unique ability to find a better way of doing things.  He previously founded the cellphone products company Callpod and worked for mobile-advertising provider JiWire. The idea for KeeperSecurity…

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How Your Business Can Use This Billion Dollar Ad Formula

Know Like Trust

RECOMMENDATION: As you watch this video think through your story.  You want to connect with the customers (this is who I am/we are), you want to highlight the problem/challenge you saw in the market (“this frustrated us/was a problem for us), and then show the solution (“so we started/built/created” this).  I have placed notations in the videos to…

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Jack Erwin Shoes: How Two Guys with No Experience in The Fashion Industry Launched the Fast Growing Shoe Company


This is a story about two guys who couldn’t find a pair of fashionable, affordable shoes and were left wondering where the hell all of the simple mens dress shoes went. So what do they do? Start their own shoe company of course! It’s sounds crazy, which is why the story is so great. Add…

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Do You Think THESE Are Advantages or Disadvantages?

competition advantages

(dis) Advantages One of the most difficult things to do is put yourself in the shoes of a customer. The customer wants to know one thing: “What’s in it for me?” You have only a few seconds, if that, to feed relevant data into the mind of a potential customer. The subconscious will immediately determine…

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John Tabis of The Bouqs on Your Story as an Unfair Advantage, Strategic Marketing and Changing Lives

The Bouqs John Tabis

This episode of Make Your Mark features John Tabis, founder and CEO of The Bouqs. “Our flowers are grown on an active volcano in South America, seriously.” Does that catch your attention and make you want to take a closer look? It’s a very unique, interesting point of conversation. Take that in for a moment…

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If You’re Reading This, You’re Enjoying a Bonus Round.


Every day is a bonus.  Every single day is a bonus. Never lose sight of that. I was on a business trip, golfing and hating my life.  I was barely 29 years old with a seven figure business and about to go golfing at a private golf club in Arizona, followed by some of the…

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