Dave Crenshaw on Triumph Over Chaos, Mastering Your Craft and Living a Balanced Life

dave crenshaw overcoming chaos

Clarity is not easy to come by in the complex and full throttle world so many entrepreneurs live in. Chaos is often the norm and while we toss around the concept of “balance” very few actually have it. This is why more entrepreneurs should listen to Dave Crenshaw. He’s made a career out of supercharging businesses…

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Liz Tilati of Zip Fit Denim on Perseverance, Focus, Delivering The Perfect Fit and Being a Female Entrepreneur


Every business desires to have a product that is a perfect fit for their customer needs. Zip Fit Denim happens to ceate the perfect fit every time as part of the DNA of their company. ZipFit helps men find perfect fitting jeans fast using our smart algorithms. Once you find your perfect fit, they compliment it…

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Bryn McCoy of Citizen Made on Providing Value, Perfecting Solutions and Doing Whatever it Takes

Citizen Made

Citizen Made fulfills their dreams, and grows, by doing the same for their clients. Embedded in the fabric of this company you’ll find a passionate software developer and a brilliant creative. Citizen Made Canvas enables your customers to make custom changes to products visually from your site. It is Co-creation in real time. Enhancing the…

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Adm. William H. McRaven on How To Change The World. We Cover The Remarkable Commencement Speech

How To Change The World

This University of Texas at Austin 2014 commencement address by Admiral William H. McRaven has so many fantastic bits of wisdom I had to share it with you.  If you’ve already heard this, it’s worth another listen. I put together a summary and action guide to help clarify the message and help you brainstorm ways to…

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Jason Kunesh on Building a Community For The Public Good, Simplifying the Complex and Working for Obama

Public Good Software

When your company is a benefits corporation with the name Public Good you’ve got a lot to live up to. Jason has a rich history in the Chicago entrepreneurial scene having been a part of Orbitz, The Point (now Groupon) and President Obama’s re-election campaign. His co-founder Dan Ratner has an equally remarkable history having…

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Shawn Nelson of LoveSac | Remarkable Journey of Ups Downs Billionaires and Hustling To Grow a Billion Dollar Brand of His Own

LoveSac Shawn Nelson

Imagine creating something for fun before you’re twenty, turning it into a multi-million dollar business with franchises across the US, running into challenges and a brutal economic downturn that ends up putting the business into Bankruptcy, landing a spot on The Rebel Billionaire with Richard Branson, winning the title of Rebel Billionaire and one million…

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Espree Devora – Supporting Tech Start Ups, Building a Community and Going All In

espree devora

We Are LA Tech is more of a movement than a company. Espree Devora is hell bent on building a strong, supportive community for start-ups across the country. She just happens to be starting this mission in LA. Full of contagious energy and a passion for entrepreneurship, Espree shares her journey from capital raising, Xtreme…

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Stop Hiding Behind the Small Business Badge

Shop Better Small Business Saturday

The hard truth is most customers don’t care about you. They have one thing on their mind: “What’s in it for me?” I know, I know. That stings a little bit, but it’s true. It’s easy to complain about the big box stores taking over local communities, knocking out the mom and pops that provide your…

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THIS Can Change Your Life Like Very Few Things Can

perseverance obstacles

I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2004.  It’s like winning as Oscar.  Once you’ve received that finisher medal you have that attached to your name for life: marathon finisher. It’s a quiet, small fraternity of sorts and something I’m quite proud of.  I haven’t run one since, but every year I vow to make a…

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Why You May Want To Consider Getting Rid of Goals and Timelines


Setting goals won’t get you where you want to go. In fact they can be the source of discouragement, continually holding you back and slowing your momentum. Timelines can be motivational and momentum killers as well. You set a goal to reach a revenue number, lose a certain amount of weight or start that new business. The…

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