Brian Brushwood on How To Chase a Dream and Why It’s Never Too Late

Hacking the System Brian Brushwood

How to chase a dream? Listen up: Brian Brushwood has the kind of contagious energy that’s hard to explain. If you could just get a sliver of his optimism and endless hustle it would make a remarkable difference. The best part is it’s authentic. Here’s a guy who did a brief stint at Dell computers…

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John Lee Dumas Talks Authenticity, Niches and Why The Big Opportunities are Yet to Come

John Lee Dumas Entrepreneur on Fire

I met a guy at an event in Connecticut who was promoting some Podcast that was going to feature entrepreneurs every day of the week. He stood there behind a six foot table with a banner behind him shaking hands and asking anyone who would listen to check out his show. It was Ryan Lee’s 40th…

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Jon Bernhard on Living a Fulfilled Life, Inspiring Others and The True Definition of Making Your Mark

John Bernhard

Social entrepreneurship has become a popular term these past few years. I think everyone has a desire to make a difference, inspire others and truly give of themselves. The majority of people intend to contribute, make a difference and do something to impact generations to come. For most it’s a matter of “when I accomplish…

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The Foundation of Any Successful Business

social distractions

The things that make you and your business truly successful are often times the most obvious, not so sexy little details that fewer and fewer people seems to be talking about in this digital, zero to millions by tomorrow, age we live in. It’s easier than ever to put your message out there, and there isn’t…

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How To Make The New & Noteworthy on iTunes

How to make new and noteworthy iTunes

This week my podcast his the New & Noteworthy on iTunes. It’s a fabled kind of recognition every podcaster hopes to get when launching a new show. I was no different. I didn’t set out to get on New & Noteworthy, but it was in the back of my mind from the day I launched.…

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How To Avoid Burnout

how to avoid burnout

I tend to get lost in my work, for weeks or sometimes months. I push through mental blocks, fatigue, stress and frustration.  Months go by like weeks; weeks like days. The thinking is to be appreciated.  My subconscious believes if I’m not physically and mentally working then I’ll be falling behind. It’s the hunter/gatherer in…

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Sam Rosen of Desktime App on Perspectives on Entrepreneurship, Seeing Opportunity, and Building a More Connected World

Sam Rosen Desktime App

Sam Rosen has a unique ability to see opportunity and capitalize on it. This is a Chicago entrepreneur who has evolved into a serial entrepreneur in a uniquely organic way. From building a now 18 plus person web design and development firm to one of the first co-op working spaces in Chicago called The Coop…

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Ely Delaney on The Importance of Knowing Your Audience, Why You Need a Business Card and Making an Impact

ely delaney marketing

With all the complex discussions about strategy, data, the cloud, social media and list building it’s refreshing to just talk about what actually works – finding a need and filling it. Ely has been in the game long enough to remember the awe inspiring animated gif and the awesome power of building websites with publisher!…

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Susan Mravca of JuvodHR on Passion, Longevity, Finding Solutions and the Eternal Entrepreneurial Journey

juvodHR  Susan Mravca

The entrepreneurial story is a glamorous one to be told. Open any business related magazine today and you’ll hear the stories of overnight billionaires, genius’ who hacked an age old process or reinvented the way we’ve done things for centuries. It’s the stories you don’t hear often that are often the most inspiring. The stories of…

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John Huston on The Modern Day Explorer, The Power of Optimism and 3 Life Changing Rules

John Huston

Within the entrepreneurial community, we love the war stories of being knocked down, getting back up and walking the tight rope of risk and reward. We proudly wear the badge of “entrepreneur” and want everyone to know we’re in the club. We’re the risk takers, the ones pulling all nighters and using war terminology to…

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