Sam Glenn on The Power of Attitude and Laughter

how to change your attitude

I really like this guy Sam Glenn.  He’s one of the most authentic people I’ve encountered and happens to be naturally hilarious.  His energy is contagious.  Sam does 100+ presentations every year to audiences of thousands, having presented at stadiums of 75,000 people.

In this episode Sam shares his history, setbacks and the transformative power of a positive attitude.

In This Episode:

  • How knocking over Zig Ziglar (yes, the Zig) at a buffet completely changed Sam’s life
  • How Sam picked himself up after admittedly “driving the family business into the ground”
  • What Sam does daily as a “Vitamin” for his attitude
  • THE formula for success
  • How to use your passion or hobby as an outlet & make a difference
  • A secret technique (you’re going to want to use this one for sure) for being remembered at networking events!

Book Mentioned:

A Kick in The Attitude:  An Energizing Approach To Recharge Your Team, Work and Life (Sam Glenn)
How To Give The Best Speech of Your Life (Sam Glenn)
The Alladin Factor (Jack Canfield)


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