Brian Brushwood on How To Chase a Dream and Why It’s Never Too Late

Hacking the System Brian Brushwood

How to chase a dream? Listen up:

Brian Brushwood has the kind of contagious energy that’s hard to explain. If you could just get a sliver of his optimism and endless hustle it would make a remarkable difference. The best part is it’s authentic.

Here’s a guy who did a brief stint at Dell computers before taking a chance on a dream. It’s the kind of instinctual risk someone takes when they know deep down they can and will make it happen. He was all in.

You’ll hear a bit about how Brian faced setbacks that changed his trajectory and forced him to be more creative, innovative and in control of his own destiny.

The end result so far is nothing short of friggin’ awesome!  He’s got his highly successful stage shows (Bizarre Magic), a speaking career with a lecture called Scams, Sasquatch, and the Supernatural, a web series called Scam School (if you’ve never seen this show….it kicks ass) which has over one million subscribers and counting, appearances on Jay Leno, CNN, the Food Network and his own show about to jump off on National Geographic called Hacking the System (check out this video below for a promo).  Oh yeah, did I mention this guy also hosts a few podcasts ( Too Long Didn’t Listen, Cordkillers and Night Attack).  (and you say there’s not enough time for you to work on that side project of yours!)

I’m not an expert here, but I feel pretty comfortable saying the risk he and his wife took years ago ended up working out pretty well.

This is a great interview where we discuss chasing dreams, penetrating established markets, finding a niche, swallowing fire, our love of The Profit and why I need to review American History.

Buckle up – this is a fun one.

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