John Lee Dumas Talks Authenticity, Niches and Why The Big Opportunities are Yet to Come

John Lee Dumas Entrepreneur on Fire

I met a guy at an event in Connecticut who was promoting some Podcast that was going to feature entrepreneurs every day of the week. He stood there behind a six foot table with a banner behind him shaking hands and asking anyone who would listen to check out his show.

It was Ryan Lee’s 40th birthday party and I ran into this guy again. We had a drink and discussed opportunities and how he was chasing his dream. It was a lofty goal, particularly at that time, to envision handling that many shows, promote, manage, edit and so forth. I remember asking him how we was going to handle the bandwidth and eventually monetize.  His answer: “I have no idea”.

Less than a year later and John’s turned Entrepreneur on Fire into a seven figure business that today generates close to three million annually and growing.

That’s John Lee Dumas.

If ever there was someone to cheer on and be truly happy for their success, it’s this guy. A military vet who served in Iraq, came back to grind it out at various companies and opportunities only to say “screw this, I’m going to do what I’m passionate about!”

You have to love it.

When you think of opportunities or look at people like John who took a chance and caught a wave, many wonder if it’s too late. Did you miss the boat? Are there still opportunities?  What would a guy like that do now?

On this edition of the Make Your Mark Podcast I ask John some of these same questions and he provides the answers….while watching paddle boarders go by outside his living room window….awesome.

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