Jon Bernhard on Living a Fulfilled Life, Inspiring Others and The True Definition of Making Your Mark

John Bernhard

Social entrepreneurship has become a popular term these past few years. I think everyone has a desire to make a difference, inspire others and truly give of themselves. The majority of people intend to contribute, make a difference and do something to impact generations to come. For most it’s a matter of “when I accomplish this, then I’ll do that”.  But what if “this” never happens?

Then there are people like Jon Bernhard who quite literally live an unselfish life entirely focused on making a positive impact on others. It’s in his DNA. I can’t explain it, there are just some people built that way. We’re very lucky to have them.

Jon is a sponsored athlete, climber, outdoorsman, speaker, philanthropist, fund raiser, foundation builder and all around great guy. His foundation focuses on helping pediatric patients see beyond their limits and do what they currently may believe is impossible.

On this episode you’ll gain a new perspective on the idea of being truly wealthy, how you can push past your own limitations and what it really means to make your mark.

Check out John’s foundation website here:  WE AIN’T DONE YET!

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