Dabble with Erin Hopmann and Jay Swoboda – A Refreshingly Honest Look at Challenges, Opportunities and Honesty of A Start-Up


UPDATE:  Jay Swoboda is now officially CEO of Dabble.  Congratulations Jay – we’re all excited to see how far Dabble can go!

This is an episode about the reality of entrepreneurship, told directly from Dabble.co founder Erin Hopmann and the vision, direction and dreams current CEO Jay Swoboda has of building in person connections in a digital world.

Rarely do you get this side of the story.  In an era where the word entrepreneur conjures up images of the 4 hour work week, laptops on the sand, ping-pong table conference rooms and wealthy twenty-somethings, you rarely get this kind of honest, transparent discussion about an experience that is often an enormous test of endurance and mental fortitude.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The truth about the entrepreneurial challenge
  • How being honest can build support, loyalty and open new doors
  • The opportunities available to teach and learn in your community
  • How the Dabble.co is trying to build a global community, building in person connections and relationships in a digital world through sharing and learning together.


Dabble (Try Something New!)

Thirty Days of Honesty

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