MYM 019: How Bob Britton Not Only Saved His Business, But Dominated His Market by Leveraging Strategic Marketing Automation

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The serial entrepreneur. Many people toss this term around, but few truly represent what it means. Bob Britton is a serial entrepreneur. He’s a guy who took a huge gamble early in his career and ended up saving his business and finding new opportunities when he discovered the power of strategic, automated marketing processes.

Listening to Bob you’ll have no problem understanding how this guy has been so successful. He’s passionate about what he does and now travels around the country teaching other small business and entrepreneurs how to overcome the obstacles that once held him back.

You’re going to discover how Bob created raving fans for his brick and mortar business and how he implements marketing automation to build and grow fans for his clients and other businesses.  Get out a pen and paper cause you’re going to want to take some notes on this one.

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