James Wedmore on The Unfair Advantages of Video Marketing, Patience, Commitment and Childbirth

james wedmore video marketing

The power of video has always been something entrepreneurs have been aware of. Years ago small businesses only dreamed of having a budget that would allow them to produce a video and distribute it for consumers to see.

The fact is it would have cost a fortune. Changes would have been difficult and the idea of having multiple “commercials” speaking to the various challenges your customers face would have been a pipe dream.

Fast forward to the digital world we now live in and you’ll understand how James Wedmore, a bartender from California, was able to build a seven figure business using the power of video with almost no budget, no fancy equipment and without the need for highly technical skills.

James is a guy who loves what he does. You can hear it in his voice. He’s passionate about sharing what he knows and helping small business capitalize on an opportunity that can quite literally take you from struggling to thriving.

In this interview James shares his story with you and we discuss the opportunities that await anyone willing to put in a little time, be consistent and simply share what they know.

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