John Paul Aguiar on Building an Audience and Why Nothing Beats Authenticity

authenticity John Paul Aguiar


John Paul Aguiar is authentic.  If you want to know the secret sauce behind his rise to #6 on Forbes List of the “50 Social Media Power Influencers” that’s it.  Authenticity.

John Paul built a career by sharing insights and tips on making money online.  He’s self made and learned through trial and error over the past decade and change.  His was a career built out of necessity after a Kidney transplant left him to figure out how to build an income outside of disability checks.

This is a guy who doesn’t feel sorry for himself or make excuses.  He just gets it done. If you don’t like his style – he’s not apologizing.

His Money Dummy Blog has well over 100,000 followers and he continues to influence the online blogging and marketing community.  If you wonder how he got so good, it’s by working his ass off day in and day out to fine tune his craft.

You can learn something from this guy if you pay attention. Lucky for you – we talked with John Paul to bring his insights, advice and story to you.  Enjoy.


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